Ten items you should pack when traveling

I’m going to write a bit about travelling tips today, because of a trip I booked on sweethomevacation.com, to Disney World!

Packing for a trip can seem like quite a chore, more so if you’re not a regular traveler. Additionally, it can be quite confusing. You could end up packing too much of item A, too little of item B or entirely omitting item C altogether!

Packing for a trip should be approached methodically and what better way to do this than to create a list? A detailed “packing list” will help you to exhaustively pack all the necessities you need for a trip while keeping your luggage limitation in mind. The ultimate aim of packing should not just be packing light but also packing smart. A small luggage filled with frivolities won’t do you much good in the long run.

Whether you’re jet-setting around the world or going on a road trip, these items are really essential to have, as they will help you to feel prepared and confident in all your adventures. In addition to appropriate clothing, the following are a must have for your trips.

  1. Charger and adapter: there is nothing as pesky as running out of battery when you need to browse the internet, chat, make calls or use Google maps. A charger is an indispensable travel tool because irrespective of the battery capacity of your phone, it will defiantly run down. A traveler’s charger and adapter will help you charge your devices in the eventuality that they go off.
  2. First aid kit: You don’t need a whole pharmacy just a customized first aid kit. The kit should be trimmed down to your needs and should include band aids, medications for headache, fever, running stomach and other minor maladies. It goes without saying that if you have a pre-existing medical condition; you should bring your meds along.
  3. Shoes and flip-flops: There is a saying that when on a trip, the best place to store your shoe is on your feet. This may not be far from the truth because shoes tend to be bulky and consume space. Pack shoes that are versatile and durable for your trip. At most, two shoes are enough for a trip; one on your feet and the other in your luggage. You can’t always be on shoes throughout your trip so it is imperative to include flip-flops.
  4. Cash: while packing your luggage, do well to tuck away some cash because they’ll always come in handy. Also, it is advisable to carry two ATM’s when travelling so as not to get stranded on your trip.
  5. Earplug: from watching movies, listening to music, to just blocking out noise, a quality earplug can be a travel asset. Pack earplugs that are sturdy and not bulky so that it won’t take up space.
  6. Personal hygiene products: these include soap, tissue paper, perfume/body spray/deodorant, lotion, shampoo, tooth brush, shaving stick, etc. For lotion and shampoo it is advisable to take the amount you’ll be needing for the journey in a small container. This will help to create space in your luggage for more important
  7. Towel: if you’re lodging in a hotel for the length of your trip, you may not need However, it is best to come with your own towel for the sake of hygiene. Instead of bring along the normal bulky towel go for quick drying ones made of synthetic microfibers that can be easily folded into a small size.
  8. Cosmetics: for a lot of females, cosmetics are an essential day to day need. However, cosmetics should be kept at a minimum because there is a risk of spillage in a tightly packed luggage.
  9. Flashlight: the electricity in some parts of the world still leaves a lot to be desired, so always go along with a flashlight. It is also not advisable to use your Smartphone as a flashlight as this can easily drain your battery leaving you stranded.
  10. Padlock: this may not prevent theft of luggage or a stop a thief with a knife, but they do serve as a deterrent to the straying hands of a petty thief. Also, you may need a padlock to lock your door when you get to your destination.


In conclusion, it is necessary to have it in mind that every trip is unique and different and as such the items discussed above may not be all encompassing. Your requirements have to be tailored down to suit your trip. Just bear in mind to not only travel light but to also travel smart.

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