Racial Requirements

Because we are close to Vancouver, we have gone across the border to do some auditions there. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s a racially diverse city, but often casting directors in Vancouver are looking specifically for ethnic minorities. Because my daughters are both mixed Asian, this can come in handy for them.

Is there’s a big gig, the casting director is often looking for one caucasian kid, one black kid, and one ‘ethnically ambiguous’ kid. One of my daughters has large eyes and more caucasian features, so she can pass for caucasian, or a whole slew of ethnically ambiguous roles, ranging from hispanic, to Asian, to mixed Asian. My other has smaller angled eyes and so we usually only audition her for hispanic, Asian or mixed Asian.

Still, a wide range of roles there!

My baby just got over an injury so we’re getting back into the game now. We visited Scottsdale because they needed a baby who could do an ad for http://excavationscottsdale.com. I hope my little one gets the role!

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