Beautiful, Sunny LA

I flew out for an audition last week to gorgeous LA.

I want to move there after hanging out in rainy Bellingham. After a day full of a couple auditions and preparations, we went for ice cream at Mashti Malone’s! What a treat. I chose the rosewater and ginger ice cream. I know it sounds gross, but was amazing!

I found that it was covered by the Cheap Eats channel on Youtube:

Love the thrill

Love taking my girls to auditions and feeling confident going in there. The casting director can feel your calmness and confidence for sure!



Last week we went to an baby audition for pullups and the casting director came by to ask me questions after her audition. Felt like a million bucks! And yes, we got called back.

Next we went to an audition for an Electrician Commercial. They wanted to promote girls in trades. My little one waddled around in her electrical hat; it was pretty cute! Visit for more information about that audition.





How to Take Great Kid’s Headshots!!

Yesterday I took my daughters to get their headshots done! The photographer was great. She put them in natural sunlight, sitting and standing. She got some really funny shots of my 10mo giggling. I will post a few of them soon!

The photo studio had a photo “happy hour” where we can get unlimited photos taken for $30!! 15 edited photos are provided for free. What an awesome deal.  🙂 And then we sat by our pool while it was cleaned by Anaheim Pool Cleaners! It was a great day.

In the beginning when they were babies, I did the headshots and followed these guidelines:

And I love this video:


I’m going to redo their headshot in a few months. When the kids are young, it’s best to get headshots done every several months.

Racial Requirements

Because we are close to Vancouver, we have gone across the border to do some auditions there. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s a racially diverse city, but often casting directors in Vancouver are looking specifically for ethnic minorities. Because my daughters are both mixed Asian, this can come in handy for them.

Is there’s a big gig, the casting director is often looking for one caucasian kid, one black kid, and one ‘ethnically ambiguous’ kid. One of my daughters has large eyes and more caucasian features, so she can pass for caucasian, or a whole slew of ethnically ambiguous roles, ranging from hispanic, to Asian, to mixed Asian. My other has smaller angled eyes and so we usually only audition her for hispanic, Asian or mixed Asian.

Still, a wide range of roles there!

My baby just got over an injury so we’re getting back into the game now. We visited Scottsdale because they needed a baby who could do an ad for I hope my little one gets the role!

How to find a great agent – part one

I wasn’t even looking for an agent when we came across our agent, Daniel. He has being amazing (even if we haven’t got any gigs yet!).

Truth be told, all agents want to book your kids in jobs. If they take you on, that means that they’ll do the work to get your kids booked. However, some agents do have too many kids on their roster and they may forget about you. Make sure to keep your agent updated with your kids’ new headshots and any changes to their body measurements.